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Our SEO Plans

Our motto is actually good quality in addition to customer happiness with our generation procedure. Were proud of the good quality associated with working together with customers in addition to clients. Our teams usually are trained in understanding client's requirements and technical part. It will help us achieveing excellent results with every work.

We do SEO for a website by following below simple steps:

Step 1. Understanding the site and requirement:

After taking any project we do a meeting with our clients and understand the site, its requirement and goals.

Step 2. Competitor Analysis:

After we recognize the particular targets most of us perform small aggressive analaysis while using rivals. We research their targeted audience and keywords, the site structure, content, and services that the competitor is providing.

Step 3. Research and Development:

Competitor analysis leaves us with some targeted keywords. After this research has been done all of us complete analysis to uncover the opposite keyphrases based on the keyword along with all of us also research some very long pursue keywords and phrases by using keyword analysis methods including: wordtracker, yahoo adwords and many others.

Step 4. Addition and editing in Content:

In the event the keyword are completed all of us break down all of them throughout related websites based on primary, secondary and turchery keywords. Most of us and then add these kind of keyword in to the content if desired create the modern just one.

Step 5. Code Optimization:

Code optimization is another part of our SEO work. We do code cleanup so that it can be optimized properly and spider can crawl it faster.

Step 6. Finalizing and Uploading The Pages:

When all these steps are complete we do a final check with pages and upload them on server to make live.

Step 7. Submtting The Site:

We do submit site to some search engines and directories to increase its popularity. We ensure that each place where we are submitting the site is follow non-spam technique and search engine guidelines.
After implementing all above steps the only work left for us is to maintain the reports, rankings and updating the site to monitor its progress.